Bate Furniture

Jl. Datuk Indah KM 2 RT 04 RW 04
Desa Bulungan, Kecamatan Pakis Aji, Jepara
Jawa Tengah,Indonesia

Phone : +62-291-4296888
 Mobile  :  +62 81 228 229 851
Email : bate(at)
Blackberry Messenger : 23BE7436
Contact Person : Mr. Deddy Setiawan

Monday – Saturday, 8.00am – 4.00pm GMT +07:00


  1. Hello my name is Beverly Benton. I am emailing due the fact that an order was placed for too many items only wanted the price for the (2) white gold chairs. CANCEL THE ORDER! I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT!

    Beverly Benton

  2. Hello my name is Dimary Casillas. I am emailing you due to the fact that an order was placed by mistake. I am not interrested in placing an order at this time. Can U please cancel that order before it goes any furter. Ive be highly appreciative. Once again I am so sorry. This is the order information sent to me Order: #12099
    Date: February 18, 2013
    Total: $0
    Thank You in advace. Dimary Casillas.